New Writing Contest! If this looks familiar, that’s because it is. The One Sentence story competitions are back! We’ve simplified the rules and changed a few things around to improve the format and accommodate a larger audience, and we’re excited to see what you can come up with. The genre theme for this contest is: Horror


One Sentence One Story

When you’re an authorial superstar, maybe you can throw sentences out with natural flair and have every word mean something new and astounding. Writers who are still learning, however, have to be very aware. Casting aside the bloat of a story and laying bare the essential organs can be painful, but the end result is worth it. Nietzsche, author of Beyond Good and Evil and the Anti-Christ, wrote in Twilight of the Idols: “It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.” This Halloween season, we want you to try to do the same.

Tell us a story in a single sentence. The entry can be in any style, prose or poetic, but the piece should fall within the Horror genre or use themes and symbols closely associated with it. 

Scary stories should be emailed to contest@cleverhelp.org or submitted here with the headline “[Your Title] by [Author] (Horror Contest)” by Midnight EST on October 30th. In order for us to send out fanmail about the contest and results, you must be following the blog to win. Under the cut are specific rules and prizes. Three random followers who reblog to promote the contest, regardless of whether they entered or not, have the chance to win a prize. So, help us get the word out!

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If NSP ever gets around to doing a Subverting the Cliches antho, I’m going to make damn sure there’s some kind of alien sex story in it with a character who has curves in all the wrong places.

I want stories about adverb friends with benefits (Pasi’s idea sounds excellent too). 

Help I can’t stop laughing oh no



palemoonswamp said: Great overview! But what’s been happening to our artsy Friday reminders? :o Artsy Friday’s more fun with your reminders :x And a fairy dragon… appearing outa nowhere to save or mock… looks like silliness could be included there ;) ^^

Hello there~ ♥︎

The artsy Friday reminders will most definitely come back! I have just been a little overwhelmed with getting everything back into the flow of things. People ask me why is it that I don’t like taking trips, and it is primarily because it takes me SO long to get back into the routine :x

That and I have a few releases Coming Out Soon™ and that is taking a lot of my time and attention too.

But— do not fret! You will get that awesome reminder (along with my silly face) relatively soon ;3

As for the Fairy Dragon, it has seriously the cutest voice ever. I don’t even care if the character is good or not— the mere concept of that character is enough for me. It’s so silly and cute… I love it.

All is good then, I can rest assured! Well, and in addition to that you have been posting some serious business, on Fridays too ;)
Do take your time, I’ll patiently look forward to all the content to come!

As to those tags: Ha, well, you got all of that right, Max-man :p Pale Moon, from the Pale Moon Swamp, half-elf ranger (‘Tread these lands carefully, the swamp is alive- and it’s got a mind of its own.’).

Also, I havn’t been on tumblr long yet, and in just a few weeks time, you tought me forward motion. FANTASTIC. Thanks for all the inspiration, stimulation and other good stuff!
(I’d totally support you on Patreon, but if I did, I’d sorta have to stop eating banana’s everyday and I don’t really wanna do that :x. However, I did put your books on my wishlist - which is also a selfish thing, cause I really wanna read ‘em :))

Well, see you in your next post!

Deathtouch (a poem)

(inspired by the "Deathtouch" writing prompt by Max Kirin)

these gloves start itching,
my energy levels fall -
I weed out the worst
comes time, but this town’s outlaws
are both running low and out.

tales are well spun lies;
bad children I don’t eat for
breakfast or for lunch.
it’s criminals I explode -
really rotten kids are rare,

and I enjoy their sweet
strong life force after dinner most,
say on evening strolls.

eyes glowing with cold
fire after I’ve fed on
the unlucky one.
consumption through touch alone,
your force sustaining me until.

be good and I won’t
imbibe you dry, sending you
flying in twenty
million pieces, left scattered
out there for scavenging crows.

show good behaviour,
and maybe I’ll move on to
the next town over.


benwx asked:

Re: Deathtouch: I could just imagine him or her cutting off their pinkie finger and putting it on the end of a really long pole, and just going *boop* from like ten feet away

maxkirin answered:

((For those of you just tuning in, they are referencing the really weird prompt I just posted c;))

Remind me to never invite you to my D&D sessions. You, clever, silly, you xD

Kidding aside, though, I agree with the sentiment of some of you: The prompt is pretty limiting in what you can do. To be honest, I feel that the best way to spin that prompt would be to explain exactly how the power works. Really, if you were to make it into a book you would have to explain at SOME point how the darned thing works— because it just leaves open so many questions (like the situation above, or the rather silly situation someone mentioned where ‘what happens when they masturbate’ which really tells me where your mind is c; I kid, I kid).

Now, what would I do with this prompt? How would I explain a power like this?

I know you didn’t ask, but your question gave me a really good idea for this :p

I would change the power to a curse. Either organic or magical. I would explain that the character is basically a life-force blackhole, which explains why merely touching someone causes their body to collapse and destroy itself (via absorbing all of their life-force). That would pretty much cover your bases, since it’s *you* (as a whole) who is doing the killing, cutting off your pinky would not achieve anything as it is no longer part of your body.

Oh, and… mm… since your hand and reproductive organs are also part of your body you cannot make them explode per say. It would be like a radioactive person giving themselves radiation sickness by masturbating. The whole package (pardon the pun) is connected to the source, and thus your junk is safe :p

Another fun spin on this, I think, would be to make this character hunger for life essence. This means that, although they may hate it, they have to blow people up in order to live, since without life force of their own this character would just die. And, you know, people are pretty darn selfish c;

Man… we are a bunch of weirdos :p

oooh and when this monk goes out on a necessary kill… his eyes will glow for days, making the children in his care antsy, on top of them already half fearing, half testing him, because both summer and winter he’ll be dressed in heavy garments and thick leather gloves.

And his eyes only cast this faint glow after people have disappeared. Oh the investigations!
And the head of the monestary would let him, as a means of leverage.

Poor man.

(In addition to earlier comment in comment box)


So Say (a poem)


So Say

You were given beautiful things
to say
so say them while you can

don’t leave them behind
like broken boxes and
unwanted chairs

when you move on
from your templed body
to someplace

I won’t say where -
that’s your religion
to fill in the blank with

I only know that words
are the most beautiful things
scattered around this place

and in the calendar pages
stacked under your feet
say them while you can.


The Sun climbed high above the swaying trees,
the sturdy grass below stood still
and soundless flies danced around
from bark to glossy petal.
Hidden from sight but not from hearing
were tweeting and twittering birds,
the execution of their composition
the continuous ripple of time.
Across the curve of my foot
strode a long-legged spider as I sat
trying to decide if the Sun
was too hot to bear, or the shadow
too cool for comfort and whether
I should pick the nettles for bedtime tea.


i thought that angels were whispering to me
but it was only the TV
imagination reaching out for the unattainable
a blind fumbling search for something sustainable.

i thought that there would be so many more days
but now i know better
life is a limited time offering, running out at speed

cherokeeghostwriter Went back to read it again, must ‘ve read it 4 times now. It’s beautiful.